Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Filipino nurses are recruited to work in the U.S.

Berg, Judith A., Daisy Rodriguez, and Carolina De Guzman. 2004. “Demographic Survey of Filipino American Nurses.” Nursing Administration Quarterly 28(3): 199-206.

The article focuses on Filipino nurses working in the United States. Hospitals in the United States recruit nurses trained in the Philippines, in order to increase the nursing workforce of the United States. The study describes Filipino-American nurses’ demographics, years of practice, educational background, work status, job satisfaction, and plans of retirement. The study found that Filipino-American nurses received their education in the Philippines, attained a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Nursing (BSN), worked full time, were satisfied with their job, and planned for retirement after 12 years, on average.

Future research should include a follow-up on the status of the Filipino-American nurses at or towards the ends of their hoped-for 12 year retirement plans. Such research could reveal the impact which the nursing jobs in America has had on the nurses and their families, in regard to the education and occupational opportunities open to the following generations of the Filipino nurses. Future research could also include the implications which the transference of nurses from the job force of the Philippines to America has for both countries, such as the shortage of nurses in the Philippines and the increased number of nurses in America, and the continual recruitment of nurses due to the retirement plans of the Filipino American nurses.

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